Snowy Friday in Japan

A few days after I posted pictures about palm trees and our subtropical climate in Kanagawa, we got a day of snow! All across the Kanto area, snow fell much of yesterday. It was very wet snow, and at first, it didn’t stay around on the ground or rooftops. However, some did accumulate. As of this moment, it has melted, and is currently raining. But, here are the pictures I took yesterday and one from today.

The snow is hard to see with an iPhone, but you can see the faint lines.

The snow is falling, and the rooftops are wet.

Look at that snow coming down!

The snow is finally accumulating on the rooftops.

The snow is sticking around for a while.

A bit later, in a slightly different direction, there's even more snow.

The roofs are all white!

On my way home in the evening, there's a closer look at the snow.

This was from earlier today, while I was going to work. This picture was taken from the train at Yumegaoka Station.

It’s now late at night, and all the snow is gone.  That’s pretty typical of the snow around here.  It snowed a bit today, but it turned into rain.  Tomorrow will be sunny.  This may be the last of the snow this year, but who knows?

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7 responses to “Snowy Friday in Japan

  1. The forecast says more snow is coming for Monday and Tuesday, but maybe it’s just in Tochigi. And anyway, I hope the forecast is wrong.

  2. No more snowfall please. No more below zero temperature please. I hope that spring is just around the corner!

  3. They look so interesting for me, who is nice and warm here in Malaysia but I don’t think I’d fancy a wet snowy day! o.O

  4. Anonymous

    You should come home again and see some real snow. Melting lately but turning into solid ice. I’m still have some knee problems since I fell. Above zero today but by Wednesday it supposed to be minus 15 or 16. I’ll enjoy it while I can. Ha Ha. Mom

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