Picture of the Week 39 – Train arriving at Shonandai Station

This picture was taken on the Sotetsu Izumino Line platform at Shonandai Station in Fujisawa while a train was approaching. This station is the only underground station on the Izumino Line. What’s interesting is that the Sotetsu platform is farther underground than the subway station!

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5 responses to “Picture of the Week 39 – Train arriving at Shonandai Station

  1. How deep is it underground?

    • It’s hard to say. Shonandai is on a plateau, and both the Izumino Line and subway come from the same direction, over a river valley. I should say that the subway is above ground in the valley. The station is interesting. There’s a huge underground area connecting 3 lines, as well as shops and many exits. The Odakyu Enoshima line is ground level going North-South. The Yokohama Subway Blue Line is just below ground, probably only 10 metres down. It goes east toward Yokohama. The Sotetsu Izumino Line is probably around 20 metres underground, and it also goes toward Yokohama.

  2. Yes, Lina already asked the question that came to my mind, too.
    🙂 She’s fast, isn’t she?

  3. Year, Lina is so fast!

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