Picture of the Week 37 – An urban river

Japan is a very wet country, so you can definitely find many rivers. But in cities, rivers seem very artificial. Their courses are straight, or have an unnatural curve or angles. The riverbed is often concrete for small rivers, and the riverbanks are also concrete. During rainy season and typhoons, natural rivers can spill over their banks and flood areas. In urban areas, they are controlled. Bigger rivers may be more natural in some places, though. This picture is a river next to my apartment.

Show Me Japan” is still going strong!  This post is taking part in the 10th one.



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4 responses to “Picture of the Week 37 – An urban river

  1. Back home we wouldn’t call it a river, but a canal (or an open sewer depending on the situation). I call them mosquito breeding grounds… LOL!

  2. We are surrounded by this type of rivers and sometimes I see carps swimming.
    It’s sort of pity to see rivers covered with concrete I understand that the safety is the top priority… Nobody want to get the house soaked by water from the river.
    Thanks for sharing and showing us the reality in Japan:)

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