Picture of the Week 36 – Strawberry Soda

Sapporo (the drink company, not the city) has recently been making a strawberry soda. I was curious about how it tasted, as I like strawberries. I was pleasantly surprised. It actually tastes a lot like fresh strawberries. It isn’t too sweet, and it tastes like a carbonated strawberry juice. I definitely recommend it!  It’s available in Seiyu stores.

This post is taking part in the 9th weekly “Show Me Japan” at Budget Trouble!


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9 responses to “Picture of the Week 36 – Strawberry Soda

  1. I like it too! And I so wish that Pepsi would come out with a strawberry flavored diet pepsi.

  2. really… gee thanks for the info. i plan to go in march and would definitely try this.

    do visit my blog

    • Wow, you sure travel a lot. I checked out your blog 🙂 I’m not sure if the strawberry soda will still be available in March, but who knows? There are a lot of short term products here.

  3. am confirm going to japan. yeay… march 3-9. am soo excited. soda here i come!

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