In Japan, there are many sushi restaurants. You can find expensive, high quality sushi, and you can find more affordable sushi that is still quite tasty. One popular kind of sushi restaurant is called kaitenzushi, or conveyor belt sushi. At these restaurants, a sushi chef makes sushi and places it on a conveyor belt that goes around the entire restaurant. You just take what you want and keep the plate. You can special order sushi, as well. When you’re finished, they tally up the overall price by looking at the plates.

There’s a very popular kaitenzushi restaurant called Kurazushi. At this restaurant, the sushi isn’t made by a chef, but is made with the assistance of machines. It’s very cheap! Only ¥100 per plate. I went there a couple weeks ago. It’s not bad, and I’d go there again. I took these pictures at Kurazushi.

Roast beef and salmon sushi

On the left is roast beef sushi, and on the right is salmon sushi.

Special orders screen

On this screen, you can make special orders, including drinks, desserts and sushi.

Sushi on the conveyor belt

Here's some sushi going down the conveyor belt.

Have you ever tried kaitenzushi or Kurazushi?

This was submitted to this week’s very successful “Show Me Japan” at Budget Trouble.



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12 responses to “Kurazushi

  1. LOL! I was going to submit my post on Tochigi Daily about Hamazushi, but you beat me to it 🙂
    My favorite of the kaiten sushi places is Sushiro.

  2. Hi Jay Dee,
    Thank you for participating in “Show Me Japan”. Year you really showed us JAPAN:) I am a big fan of sushi. Any sort of sushi. It does not matter if it’s made by human, or robot!
    After going through your entry, I feel like going to the sushi restaurant, although I just finished the dinner 1 hour ago!!!
    Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful weekend.

    • I’m glad to participate 🙂 I ate not too long ago, either. But I want some sushi soon. It was my first time trying robot-made sushi. It’s not as good as manmade sushi, but it was ok 🙂

  3. There are a lot of kaiten places in Seattle now, too. We don’t have the fancy technology you have, but the color-coded plate system is identical. And it’s usually tasty and cheap since you’re not paying for the ambiance of an intimate dinner with a well-known sushi chef.

    • I kind of wonder about the quality of the fish in Seattle’s sushi. It’s excellent in Japan, of course. But in Edmonton, I tried sushi there last winter, and it wasn’t very good.

      How’s the little Voght juniorette?

      • Steve

        No sushi for her yet, though she’s fascinated by our food 🙂

        Seattle sushi on the whole is good quality thanks to being the main port of entry for all Alaskan fisheries. I wouldn’t dare order it from anywhere more than about 10 miles from the city proper, though!

      • Freshness is the key for sushi. If it’s not fresh, it’s mushy and doesn’t taste very good. Also, I think the rice used in North America isn’t suited for sushi.

  4. It’s great to see that you’ve got a lot of interesting content on Japan here.
    The photos look pretty blurry and unappealing, though.
    You’ve got a good sense of photo composition, but the crispness,
    color and quality just isn’t there. Looks like you took the photos with
    a cellphone camera, perhaps an iPhone or an iPod Touch.
    If you used even a basic consumer digital camera and worked on your technique a bit more, I’m sure your content would look just that much better. More than that, you personally would enjoy the process a lot more!
    Hope to see your further improvements, and enjoy!

    • Thanks for the comment. I’d like to address your comment about the quality of my photos. Yes, they are from iPhone, as I don’t carry around a digital camera everywhere I go. I do have a digital camera, and I have well over 2000 photos that are clear and colourful. You’ll have to look at some of my older posts, especially under the “Exploring Japan” and “Flashback” headers at the top. My Picture of the Week series is all iPhone, and that’s not changing. My first Picture of the Week post says that they’re all iPhone. At the moment, I’m quite busy with moving, preparation for holidays and a lot of difficult issues with life, so the high quality photos won’t be coming until around January. Those posts take quite some time to publish, as I like to take my time with the captions and the text in the posts. Anyway, I hope you’ll enjoy what you see in the future.

      By the way, the header picture at the top of the blog was taken with my digital camera.

  5. Is Kurazushi the one where a mechanized trolley comes by to deliver items you selected on the screen?

    • Yes, they do that. There are several other kaitenzushi restaurants that do this, but Kurazushi is special in that part of the sushi making is by machines. Also, you can enter contests at your table to win little prizes.

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