Picture of the Week 28 – Mt Fuji Sunset

The sunsets this month have been incredible. I’m very lucky to be able to see the sunsets, which feature Mt Fuji. In this picture, you can see Mt Fuji in the middle. This photo doesn’t do it justice. It was an amazing sunset to see. Mt Fuji actually looks bigger than in this photo.



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4 responses to “Picture of the Week 28 – Mt Fuji Sunset

  1. Hi JayDee,
    Found you through Bartman’s blog. This sunset photo is amazing! I live out in the sticks and I’ve never actually seen Mt Fuji up close and personal. Only once from the shinkansen. Pathetic, I know…

    Would you like to enter into into our weekend Show Me Japan photo meme? If it goes well this weekend, I’d like to turn it into a weekly thing.

    Here’s the link:
    We’d love to have you participate as well!

    Have a glorious Sunday!

    • Hello, Anna. Thanks for the comment! Unfortunately, I was too busy this weekend, and didn’t have a chance to join. I see that many people have joined. It seems like a great idea. I’d love to join next time, though!

      Before this year, I’d rarely actually seen Mt Fuji from Yokohama. Actually, I hadn’t seen it at all. But when my workplace moved, we have the perfect view of Mt Fuji. However, more than 5 years ago, I climbed the mountain. It was a great experience!

      Anyway, I’ll be checking back on your blog often!

      • I was asking my husband about climbing Mt Fuji, but he said it was highly overrated. He made me climb Mt Nantai instead. In the middle of the night. LOL!
        OK, I’ll be waiting for you to join us in the future. And good luck with your move. And you get to go home to Canada. You, lucky you! All I get this xmas is a trip to Malaysia. 😦

      • Actually, I found the climb quite enjoyable. Yes, it was crowded, but it was at night that I climbed. It was quite the sight to see a line of lights going up the mountain. Also, the sky is so dark there, that you can see the Milky Way clearly. Incredible sight!

        Malaysia sounds nice! My coworker is going to Thailand. But I’m going somewhere I’ve been many, many times.

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