A pleasant walk featuring nice kids and Mt Fuji

Today, I went for a walk around the Tsujido station area in Fujisawa to get pictures for the Japan by Train series (still need to get that started).  First of all, Tsujido is actually a pretty nice area.  Lots of expensive houses, many small shrines and a couple nice temples.  During my walk, there were two instances of friendliness I experienced when I was taking pictures of shrines.  Both times, elementary school aged boys said hello to me (in Japanese), and I responded.  They seemed like nice kids.  Sometimes, while I’m out walking, a stranger will say hello to me, or even try to help me, assuming I’m lost.  Of course, I’m not lost.  GPS on my iPhone is a wonderful thing.  I was also looking at a map, and an elderly man asked me if I needed help, but I said I was ok.  It’s great to meet so many friendly people while walking.

The second big surprise was a clear view of Mt Fuji.  I was at the station when I saw Mt Fuji, and I took a couple pictures.  Enjoy!

Mt Fuji from Tsujido station.

Here's the first picture I took of Mt Fuji from the north exit of Tsujido Station.

Mt Fuji from Tsujido station

I decided to take a second picture, just to make sure I had a good picture. Here it is!



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2 responses to “A pleasant walk featuring nice kids and Mt Fuji

  1. I miss this view . Very beautiful pictures !!! Both of them are good.

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