I did it!

I was able to make a post a day in September, and today is the last day.  Not only did I complete this, but it was also the busiest month in terms of visitors.  More posts seems to bring more visitors.  But I won’t be doing a daily post or daily picture.  I will continue the weekly picture, though.

On a random note, I did something else today.  It was rather silly, actually.  After I finished work, I walked to the station and had to use an umbrella, since it was raining.  Well, I walked for about 30 seconds through a building and into the station while still holding my umbrella up!  I was using my umbrella inside!  I felt very silly, and I think a lot of people were probably looking at me funny.  Have you done something like that?


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  1. Mom

    I have. Today when I answered the phone, when I looked at the phone and saw who was calling. I ansered Key Rite. The first part of our name and the last of his. We both had a good giggle.

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