Japanese study online resources

Since I live in Japan, I’m studying Japanese.  As I’m not taking Japanese lessons, I study on my own.  It’s not the easiest thing to do.  But I have found 4 resources online that have helped me study.  Please take a look at them if you’re also studying Japanese.

Lang-8 – This is a very useful website.  This is where you can find many other people studying languages.  All you have to do is write a journal in the language you’re studying.  Native speakers will then correct any mistakes you’ve made.  You can also help people who are studying your language.  It’s a very active community of language learners, and there are many languages being learned.  Highly recommended.

Smart.fm – If you want to improve your vocabulary, this is the place to do it.  The iKnow application is an excellent and enjoyable online flash card system.  It frequently reviews words you’ve studied before, so you don’t forget.  It also helps you with kanji, but the focus is on vocabulary.  You can also study dictation, which will help you improve your listening skills.  Definitely give this a try.  This supports many languages, so you can study most major languages.

KanjiBox – This website is specifically for kanji and vocabulary.  It helps you remember the kanji, the kanji readings, and vocabulary.  You can study based on the JLPT levels, or even the kanji that are studied in each grade in school.  This is also a flash card style system.  You’ll need Facebook for this one.

Rikaichan – This is a Firefox add-on that is great for reading Japanese websites.  When it’s turned on, you just move your mouse over kanji or words you don’t know, and it’ll tell you the reading, as well as what the word means.  It even works with colloquial language, which is great for natural, casual Japanese.

Do you know any other resources?

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