Watching NHL hockey in Japan

The NHL season is starting soon, but as hockey isn’t very popular in Japan, it’s difficult to see any games.  The only place I can go is online for that.  However, watching streaming games is sometimes difficult.  There are live streaming games that are only available in North America, there are unofficial streaming games that are rather choppy and difficult to watch, and there are radio feeds that are free, but provide no video.  What I usually do is watch the highlights.  The games are played when I’m going to work, anyway.  It’s a difficult thing to watch in Japan.



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4 responses to “Watching NHL hockey in Japan

  1. I agree – during my 2.5 years living in Japan, I never watched an NHL game.

    Guess now that I am back in Canada, I can watch all the hockey I like, all the time … bad news, the Toronto Maple Leafs suck (so what else is new).

  2. That sucks. Too bad to miss a lot of the games. Who is your favorite team?

    • Edmonton Oilers. It’ll be exciting to see how they do this year, because they have 3 very skilled rookies that should make the lineup this season, including the first overall pick this year, Taylor Hall. The other 2 were also first round picks from the past couple years.

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