Picture of the Week 18 – Zap! Pachinko

This is a picture of a pachinko parlour next to Ofuna station. Pachinko is a kind of game in which you spend money to win some small metal balls, then trade them for a prize. Pachinko parlours have both pachinko and slots. In Japan, gambling is illegal. Pachinko parlours get around this law by offering prizes, instead of money. Of course, there are only two legal ways to gamble in Japan, the lottery and horse racing. This pachinko parlour is very modern, and has multi-coloured light panels on the outside and a big video screen. The light panels have been mostly yellow and white lately, but they can also be other colours. And no, I’ve never tried pachinko.

Zap Pachinko Parlour

The lights on the outside are constantly changing to make different patterns of colour.


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