Failing to see

I’ve been thinking a lot while riding the train to work this morning, after hearing the news that my grandfather had passed away. Sometimes big things like this make you think about a lot. I live in a country where people are so focused on where they’re going, they fail to see everything around them. I’ve become like that in some ways. It’s sad, really. I miss the little details in the scenery around me. My 35 km walk in April got me out of that way of thinking, but it’s so easy to get back into it. This isn’t just about physically seeing the world around us. People are also so focused on where they are going in life that they fail to actually live their lives in the present. Life isn’t about the destination, a journey isn’t about destination. The point is to enjoy every moment. I know this is cliche, but people need to stop and smell the roses. The world would be a better place and people would be nicer, I think. The modern world is too stressful.


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