The heat keeps coming

35 degrees today, and it’s forecasted to be 35 degrees tomorrow. This is the summer that just won’t quit. I don’t think it’s been cooler than 30 degrees in more than a month, and most days are 33 to 35 degrees. It’s early September, which normally is hot, but not this hot! 28 degrees is the overnight low temperature. I’ve heard it’s been hotter here than in Singapore! How’s the weather where you are?


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4 responses to “The heat keeps coming

  1. Sharon

    Like I told you yesterday its coolish. Was 6 C. this morning. Its only September, warm up out there.

  2. We have short hot spell in Toronto, right now it is 30C (most of the week), but on the weekend, the weather forecast calls for cooler weather to about 17-18C.

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