Picture of the Week 16 – Tokaido Line Train Not Crowded!

This is a not very crowded Tokaido Line train from the inside. This is an older train, so it doesn’t look very modern. Most trains on this line are much newer. I had to stand, as there were no available seats. There was a very drunk man across from me who had a lot of trouble standing up.

Tokaido Line train

Plenty of people sitting, but it's not crowded.


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7 responses to “Picture of the Week 16 – Tokaido Line Train Not Crowded!

  1. John Corbally

    I’m planning a trip to walk the Old Tokaido from Tokyo to Edo. I’ve read quite a bit about the journey, and one thing I’ve discovered is that the Old has been covered up in many spots by the New (train tracks, highways, etc.).

    How much of the Old Tokaido is actually travelled by the Tokaido Line?


    • Tokyo to Edo? That’s the same thing. Do you mean Kyoto to Tokyo?

      I’m not sure how much of the Old Tokaido still exists, but in Yokohama, there is a road called the Old Tokaido. It follows the old road. The train doesn’t follow the old road. But please check out The Walking Fool and read his Tokaido diary. It chronicles his walk in 2009.

      Good luck!

      • John Corbally

        That’s amazingly helpful; thank you.

        Oops! Yes, I mean Kyoto to Edo (Tokyo); let’s hope I don’t get THAT lost.

        I read a book by Patrick Carey, a teacher from the UK living in Yokohama; he’d done the walk over ten years ago, and he found bits of the old road here and there (long stretches the closer he got to Kyoto), but I’m sure that his description is now out of date. The Walking Fool’s diary is really recent; it’s a great starting spot for me.

        Oh, and at age 60 (when I’ll be heading to Japan), I’ll need all the luck I can get!


        • Walkingfool

          Hi Jaydee and John
          You can pretty much follow the original route all the way from Kyoto to Tokyo. Most of the time you’ll be walking on modern roads that were built over the top of old Tokaido, although some short sections of the old Tokaido do remain in more or less original form (complete with old paving stones and rows of pine trees). Some of these modern roads are very busy, some are quiet country roads.
          The Tokaido railway more or less follows the route of the old Tokaido. The main exceptions are around the Hakone area, and between Nagoya and Kusatsu (near Kyoto).
          Feel free to email me at walkingfool (at) gmail.com if you have any Tokaido-related questions.
          Matthew (aka Walkingfool)

        • I definitely wish you a lot of luck. I’m planning on walking the Tokaido (the train line, though) from Fujisawa to Yokohama this year. I know it’s not as big as your walk, but I don’t have the time to do more than a day’s worth.

          I’m looking forward to The Walking Fool’s next walk.

  2. Perhaps, after I finish going from one end to the other, I can take the train(s) back from station to station; the NEW Tokaido!


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