Rainy season ending? I heard a cicada!

Many things are pointing to the end of rainy season this week.  First of all, I could actually hear a cicada outside today.  Cicadas don’t like rainy weather.  They’re out when it’s hot and sunny, and the time after rainy season is the best for them.  Second, I checked a few weather forecasts (they all seem to give different conditions), and most of them are indicating very hot and sunny weather later this week and next weekend.  That’s about 32 or 33 degrees.  That’s post-rainy season weather.  This means that for the next 2 months, it should be around 32 or 33 degrees and sunny nearly everyday with the occasional heavy rainfall due to typhoons.  Aren’t we all excited?

Of course, rainy season isn’t over just yet.  Still lots of rain is forecast for the next couple days.

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