The shopping street cat

In the neighbourhood I live in, there’s a busy shopping street near the station. During the day, it’s quite crowded, but at night, there are only a few restaurants and bars open. When I go home from work, I walk down this street in the evening, always looking for my friend. My friend is a cat. She’s a friend of many people, actually. It seems that she lives on the street, being fed by shop owners. She’s a very social cat, and is often waiting outside an ice cream shop for someone to come and sit with her. Often, I see a different person sitting on the ground with her relaxing in his or her lap. She loves to sit with people, who love to pet her. If she’s alone, I’ll often go over and pet her. She’s always happy for the attention. I don’t know her name, but she’s my friend.

My friend

This is my friend.


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  1. Sharon

    I like your friend. And congrats on doing your blog for a year. I’m waiting to see more, many more, pictures. Mom

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