Status report

I’m sorry I haven’t updated in the past 2 weeks.  I do have a big post coming soon.  It has many pictures, which is why it takes longer for me to get it posted.

Now, those of you who know me know that things have been crazy in the past week.  There was major news last week that directly affects me.  I’m sure you can guess what it is.  Anyway, for my students who read this, see you in class!  This is all I will say about this matter, as this blog has nothing to do with my personal life.

Golden Week is starting this Thursday, which means I have 7 days holiday to do some major sightseeing.  I have 3 big plans so far, including a big 25km hike, a ferry ride and some walking in a forest.  Where you ask?  First, I plan to walk from my home in Kamakura to Jogashima at the southern tip of the Miura Peninsula.  That is approximately 25km.  My destination is famous for tuna, and I will definitely have some sushi or sashimi when my walk is over.  Second, I’m going to take a ferry from Yokosuka to the Boso Peninsula in Chiba Prefecture.  I’ll be seeing Mt Nokogiri, which apparently has amazing views and a big Buddha statue.  Finally, I’ll go to Daiyuzan in Minamiashigara city, which is near Odawara.  There’s a famous temple and the area is great for walking in the forest.

As for the blog, I have continued to take pictures and explore new places.  My biggest challenge when posting is when I have many photos to post.  It takes time, and I keep putting it off if I’m feeling a bit tired.  What makes it difficult is trying to write captions for each picture.  But my next big photo post will have few captions, as the pictures explain themselves.  The Japan by Train series is going strong, even though I haven’t posted anything about it yet.  I have gone to 8 stations so far, and hope to pick up the pace, now that it’s getting a lot warmer.  Winter isn’t the best time to do it, and the pictures don’t look as good in winter.  I also hope to work hard on getting my backlog of photos cleared, and back to work on my older photos.


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2 responses to “Status report

  1. Sharon

    Have a great walk today. I may talk to you before you go or while your walking. Later

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