Updates and weather

Sorry about the lack of updates lately.  I blame 2 things.  First is the weather.  It’s so cold, and trying to warm up at home is a difficult task.  I have an air conditioner/heater, but it struggles to warm anything when it’s this cold.  I don’t find I’m very motivated to do much at home when I’m just trying to keep myself warm.  Another is that I’ve been playing The Sims 2 a lot.  I got the game several years ago, but couldn’t play it on my old computer.  On my new computer, it works great!

Anyway, the weather has been interesting this week.  Mostly cloudy and rainy, as well as cold.  But on Tuesday, it actually got up to 20 degrees.  One day of spring with cold winter days on each side.  Very strange.  Next month is March, which means spring-like weather is coming.  By the end of March, it should be pretty comfortable outside.


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