I met someone famous

I’m watching sumo right now, and I went to get some food. On my way back, who did I meet? The really big Musashimaru. I spoke to him a little, but I was a bit shocked to suddenly see a former sumo wrestler like him up close. And he was a Yokozuna! I thought I was just going to watch sumo, but I ended up meeting Musashimaru. I wish I’d taken his picture.



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4 responses to “I met someone famous

  1. Wow, too bad you didn’t take a picture … you didn’t have your cell phone (I assume it has a camera) or your camera (which you should always carry when in Japan)?

    • I had my phone and camera with me. But I was carrying a tray of food and drink back to my seat at the time. My hands were full. But at the time, I was so surprised to see him and to actually talk to him, that I didn’t even think of my camera. I’m just not used to meeting famous people 🙂 Next time, I’ll make sure to take a picture. And there will be a next time, because I plan to go to the May tournament.

  2. That’s cool. Were you able to talk to him or shake his hand?

    • I talked to him very briefly. I couldn’t shake hands with him. I was holding a tray of food, and I wasn’t letting go of it. Nowhere to put it. But it was great to talk to him, even if it was just 3 sentences.

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