Air Canada train in Japan

On the Negishi Line train I took home, every car had ads for Air Canada and Toronto. It was every advertisement on the train! Even the video screens were showing just commercials for Air Canada and Latin American destinations reached from Toronto. Have you seen the ads yet?


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9 responses to “Air Canada train in Japan

  1. Masaya

    That’s Cooooooo l!!!!
    Off course I can’t see them. But I want!!
    Specially left picture is good.
    I have watched the night view from Lake Ontario once. It’s so beautiful.

    I see CN tower every day. So I tired 🙂
    I’m wondering why I watch it in spite of I live in Toronto.

    • You’re tired of seeing the CN Tower now? Actually, I never get tired of seeing Landmark Tower 🙂 I saw the night view of Yokohama from Marine Shuttle on Sunday, actually.

      • Masaya

        Tired….It’s a little different meaning. Getting used to see it is better than tired it . I’m feeling natural there is CN tower in toronto and see it.
        Be suprized by it at the first time to watch it and go to deck of it.
        Ac tually, It must be great to watch the night view from deck in CN tower recently.

        By the way,
        I heard the Niagara falls will freeze in winter. Is it right?
        If it’s true, I’d like go watching there.

  2. I’ve heard that Niagara Falls sometimes freezes. It depends on how cold it is in winter. The water continues to flow, though. It has completely frozen before, I think, but that’s very rare.

    • Masaya

      Thank you for giving me a good advise. I’ll just do it!!
      I have much time to go to there.
      I’ll boast it if I can watch!!!!

      • If it gets cold enough this winter, you should see part of the lake freezing. Also, if you’re brave enough to try some ice skating, you can go to Ottawa and skate on the Rideau Canal. It completely freezes over.

  3. junko

    oh, i didn’t know that. i haven’t seen that add yet..

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