Fun with Youtube

Sometimes, I like watching random videos on Youtube.  Usually, they’re not very interesting to watch, but sometimes I find some really unusual stuff.  I found a couple music videos through a guy who calls himself Buffalax on Youtube.  He takes non-English songs and gives them English subtitles.  He interprets the sounds in the song as English, trying to find the closest sounding words.  He gets very strange lyrics that are often rather rude and may be offensive to some people.  But I’m going to show you two of the original videos that were just really, really strange (they are not subtitled).

First is Vajas’ “Sparrow of the Wind.”  Vajas is a group from Norway that sings traditional Sami music.  I found the singer’s voice kind of strange in this song.  Part of the song, he sounds like a dog.  Just watch:

Second is a group called DyzaBoys.  They’re actually a pair of comedians from the Czech Republic, and it seems obvious that they’re doing this for laughs.  Their dancing is ridiculous, awful and just plain funny.

Keep watching for some major updates during Silver Week!


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