Sugita Matsuri, the singers

The performances continued until just a few minutes ago. The last set was a singer who sang some traditional and enka music (the first picture) and a string quartet called Tamagawa Quartet (the second picture). The Quartet sang a bit, as well, but they did a lot of comedy.

As today’s events are over, the train station is quite busy.


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5 responses to “Sugita Matsuri, the singers

  1. junko

    it’s summer! i saw bon-odori in a park on the way to home.

    you are lucky because that events took place inside building you work(^^)

  2. Yasu

    After these events, I think it become cool. It’s comfortable. Many Japanese say “autumn is easy to study season.”, but I will be absent your class for a while because of my job.

  3. Yasu

    I forgot to tell you my job particularly. I will go to Chicago tomorrow, and take part in international meeting of neurogastroenterology. See you again!

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