Student question 2

It’s rainy season now, so here is my next question. What is your favourite season? Why?

I’ll answer later.



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5 responses to “Student question 2

  1. Yasu

    I like autumn. Because my birthday, my wife’s birthday and our wedding anniversary are in autumn. Autumn is not too hot, and not too cold. It’s confortable season.

  2. I love spring.
    There are lots of flowers and I feel something NEW.

  3. Sharon

    I like spring after the first rain. Everything is so fresh and clean then. The air is just different then other times of the year.

  4. I love the end of March.
    This is the cherry blossom opening time.
    My town is changing pink color all places.
    Peaple will be too happy.
    Its important to be feeling happy.

    You enjoy your life.

  5. I like both spring and summer. However, I like summer better than spring. Why? Because I prefer hot weather over hay fever.

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