Finding English books in Japan

Sometimes it’s difficult to find the book I want in Japan.  I basically have two choices, Yurindo in Landmark Plaza in Yokohama or Kinokuniya (2 stores) in Shinjuku.  The newer Kinokuniya store next to Takashimaya is the best for selection.  But I often go to Yurindo, because it’s not so far from where I live.  I seem to buy too many books, but it’s because I don’t know when the books will be available again.  Well, I just had that experience today.  I bought “The Reality Dysfunction:  Part 2” by Peter F. Hamilton.  I’d already bought part 1 months ago, as well as the rest of the series, but I just couldn’t find part 2 of the first book.  Today, I finally found it at Yurindo!  And best of all, they were having a sale.  I bought it for only 150 yen.  Unbelievable!

By the way, I’m currently reading “Wyrd Sisters” by Terry Pratchett.  I’ll have a short review of it when I finish the book.  I should finish it soon.


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2 responses to “Finding English books in Japan

  1. When its impossible to find out my book,I apply to
    book shop directly.After waiting for 1 week you can get it.
    Book shop is looking for another branch shops.
    So I can get all of mine.

    I cant find out books in Japanese too.

    You should try again.

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