Pepper Lunch!

I decided to go to Pepper Lunch for dinner. Mmm, steak.

Pepper Lunch is a fast food restaurant that specialises in steak that you cook on a hot plate yourself.




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4 responses to “Pepper Lunch!

  1. Sharon

    Your steak looks so good. I hope you enjoyed it. Did you really cook it yourself.

  2. We have eaten here a few times (they had one in the big Yodabashi store in Akiharabara) as my son like this place – I guess that’s better than eating at McDonald’s or Wendy’s.

    Compared to North America, you tend to eat much less meat in Japan.

    • Yeah, I like Pepper Lunch. There’s one near my apartment and one near where I work, so it’s convenient. There is a lot less food in a meal in Japan, not just meat. However, I eat a lot more fish now. I eat far less McDonald’s, too. One thing I miss, though, is KFC’s fries and gravy in Canada. Japanese KFC’s fries are a bit plain.

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