Michael Jackson died

I’m on my way to work now, but when I got up, I saw the news that Michael Jackson died. I was very surprised. He suddenly died like Elvis Presley. Are you surprised?

Edit:  This news is very big news in Japan.  A lot of my students have been talking about it in class.  So many are so surprised.



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7 responses to “Michael Jackson died

  1. Hi Jaydee! How’s going?
    I was very big surpurised too. He was the KING of pops. But His life was strange I guess.
    Do you agree it?

    I’ll try to ask anoter person about it in my school Toronto. It will be good topics in conversation.

    • For some reason, your comments appeared as spam. I fixed it, but now it looks like you asked the same thing 3 times 🙂 He was the king of pop music, and certainly had a strange life.

      By the way, I deleted one of your comments. I saw the reason why it thought it was spam. You put the URL of this page in the URL section. You an keep it blank 🙂

  2. Masaya

    Hi ! Jaydee. How’s going?
    I was very big surprised too. But I don’t know detail.Do you know the reasons about his death?

    I wll talk about this topics in my school Trontto.
    It will be good topics in conversation!

    • Hello, Masaya! How is life in Toronto now?

      I’ve heard that his heart stopped. I’ve also heard a bit about him having an infection from surgery, but I don’t know what’s happened. His autopsy will be tomorrow. It’ll definitely be a good topic for school 🙂

      • Masaya

        I’m OK! I could clear big jet lag.
        It was one of big problem after I arrive in Canada.

        By the way Sunlight is too strung to walk outside.
        I walked Downtown in Tronto at yesterday(27th).
        I got much and cruel sunburn. So, I have pain.

        However, Toronto city is beautyful. I like them.
        I watched CN tower and Roger center!! They are nice place.

        Sorry, My comment doesn’t fitting for theme.

    • The sun is too strong? I didn’t think it was like that. It’s less direct than in Yokohama, but the air is thinner in Toronto. Maybe that’s why.

      I’m glad you’re enjoying Toronto. And don’t worry, you’re free to say anything here.

  3. Lee Ann

    Farrah Fawcett died the same day and you hardly hear anything about her now. She is in the shadow of MJ. Ed McMann also died this week and they expect Walter Cronkite to die shortly as well. We are losing some well known celebrities…..

    There were rumors about Harrison Ford and Jeff Goldblum as well, but they were later determined as being false.

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