Japanese weather and rainy season

The weather in Japan is quite different than in Canada.  Today, it is rainy and will be about 24 degrees.  However, it’s early in rainy season, and because of the tropical air coming up from the south, a daytime maximum of 24 degrees won’t be seen again until October.  Starting tomorrow, it’ll be 28 degrees during the day and between 21 and 23 at night for this week.

June is the start of rainy season.  It’s normally cloudy and rainy during rainy season.  In Canada, that kind of weather would make it cool.  However, it’ll be close to 30 degrees during the day with nighttime temperatures in the low 20s.  And it is very humid.  Rain during rainy season doesn’t cool anything off, it just makes it more humid.

Rainy season ends in July, but the humidity doesn’t go away.  The rain and clouds are replaced by sun, sun and more sun.  It’ll be around 31-32 degrees during the day and 25 at night in July with high humidity.  Finding shade doesn’t help at all.  It’s still very hot.

August gets even hotter.  It’s normally around 32-35 degrees during the day and up to 27 degrees overnight.  And yes, still very humid.  August is the hottest month.  Sleeping at night is quite difficult.

September isn’t much better.  It’s usually around 30 degrees during the day and 25 at night.  Still hot and humid.  In Canada, leaves are beginning to change colour, but in Japan, it’s still hot summer.

October is when the weather becomes comfortable.  Usually around 25 degrees.  Canada starts getting snow.  Hahaha.

The autumn leaves in the Tokyo area come around the end of November and beginning of December.  And don’t expect any snow in January or February, except maybe for 1 or 2 days of wet snow that melts immediately.

Anyway, today is June 21, summer solstice, the first day of summer.  At 35 degrees north in Yokohama, the sun is nearly overhead (well, 12 degrees from directly overhead).  But it has a similar effect.  You walk on your shadow here.  However, today is rainy, so no way I can check that out.

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