Welcome to the blog

Hello everyone!  This is Jay Dee, and I’m welcoming you to my new blog.  There are some people I would like to welcome.  First, I welcome my Mom, sister, aunts, uncles and cousins.  I think this will be a great way for you to see what life in Japan is like.  Same for my friends, hi!  And a very special welcome to my students.  I hope you will post comments often.  Please enjoy my blog!



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6 responses to “Welcome to the blog

  1. Sharon

    Great idea, now we can see a little of what you see in Japan

  2. Lee Ann

    Konnichiwa! I will be checking back often for more news and pics of your experience in Japan.

  3. Ikuyo

    I arrived here.
    Is it good searching??

    Do you like take many pictures that a piece of scenery?
    My husband’s treasures are his a lots of pictures and Kei. But he is not a good photographer of person. Kei don’t have a good photo by her father.

    • Hi Ikuyo. Yes, I like taking pictures of scenery. I don’t really take pictures of people very much at all. Does your husband take pictures often? I wonder why he can’t take good photos of Kei.

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