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Namiki-chuo Station platform

The Yokohama New Transit Seaside Line is a people mover in Yokohama’s Kanazawa Ward. It differs from traditional railways in a couple ways.  It doesn’t run on rails, it runs on a guideway with rubber tires.  Also, it has no driver.  It’s completely automated.

Yesterday, we went to Costco, which is near Namiki-chuo Station.  I took this picture on the platform, which is completely enclosed.


It’s mid-afternoon, so no big crowds yet.

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2012 Picture of the Week (44/52) – Yokohama Seaside Line

The Yokohama Seaside Line isn’t a traditional train.  It runs on rubber tires on a guideway, and it’s fully automated.  There is no driver.  It runs between Shin-Sugita Station and Kanazawa-Hakkei Station.  This picture is taken under the line.  The entire line is elevated.  Also, a little news.  Today, this blog reached 50,000 views!  Thank you very much!  And now the picture.


Seaside Line bridges.


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Sotetsu stamp rally

Recently, a stamp rally started in Sotetsu train stations, and from what I can tell, it’s pretty popular. In Japan, many train companies hold a stamp rally, which encourages people to visit every station on a train line and get a stamp. Sotetsu (Sagami Tetsudo) runs one every summer.

What I find interesting is that while it’s popular with boys, it also seems to be popular with elderly men. I was a bit surprised.

I wonder if the stamp rally increases ridership. I haven’t noticed, but I always see children carrying the stamp book to collect all the stamps. If I were a kid, I’d probably join it. Would you?

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A rare sight: Outspoken woman on the train

Yesterday, as I was going home, I was a witness to a rare event in Japan. A woman protested a man’s harassment.

It’s very well known that Japan’s trains, when crowded, have some perverted men (chikan) who will sexually harass a woman physically. Most of these women will remain silent, not wanting to make a scene. Well, I saw a woman who wouldn’t take it.

Actually, this woman wasn’t touched. She was sitting across from a middle-aged businessman who was reading a book and occasionally looking up at her. She was in her mid to late 20s, and dressed rather conservatively. Just before the train came to her station, she shouted, without looking at anyone, something along the lines of “Stop staring at me, please!” Less than a minute later, she stood up and rushed off the train. Some people looked, but most seemed to ignore the whole thing. Even the accused man just kept reading his book.

It’s interesting seeing very little reaction from people in that situation. In Canada, everyone would be staring at him.

On a related note, a couple months ago, I saw a middle-aged man sitting beside a young woman who was wearing a very short skirt. The man kept turning his head to look at her, and once stared at her for a good 15 seconds, then scanned his eyes all the way down her body to her legs, which he stared at for a few seconds. He did this openly, and anyone could’ve seen him doing it. But usually, people are in their own worlds on the train, totally oblivious to what is going on around them. It’s likely I was the only person to notice. He stared at her, I stared at him. She didn’t notice.


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Who gets the priority seat?

This is a quiz. An elderly couple, an obese woman, and a young man get on the bus. There’s only one priority seat. Who will get it? If you said the young man, congratulate yourself!

On Friday, my wife, daughter and I were going to Tsujido by bus, and we were both in priority seats. I was holding my daughter, so I had every right to sit there. The above mentioned people got on the bus, and my wife stood up. She asked me to move to her seat so one of the elderly people could sit in my seat. I did so, and who took my seat? The selfish, fit young man. He had no decency to let an elderly person sit there. My wife was quite angry about it.

That’s not the only ridiculous thing I’ve seen. On a train, I saw a pregnant woman in front of the only open seat. She was in the process of sitting down when a businessman took that opportunity to slip behind her and sit down before she could. I was hoping she would’ve punched him. He deserved to be thrown out of the train. Absolutely disgusting.

What’s your best story of idiocy and lack of humanity on a bus or train?


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2012 Picture of the Week (8/52) – Old Sotetsu Train

Japan is very well known for its trains. There are a lot of newer trains, but this is one of Sotetsu Line’s older trains. This is the 7000 series, which was introduced in 1975. It’s 37 years old!

I took this picture in Futamatagawa Station.

Although you can't see it, this train is a local train bound for Yamato.


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